The Rebuild continues

Peter Mc Arthur from Cliffoney in Co. Sligo has agreed to finish off the restoration of Memory. I have uploaded some early photographs and a video of memory from 2012. This will help peter with the layout and design of the boat. Video of memory

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March 2012

Memory has returned from the “Shipwright” back to Dundalk. Pat did a terrific job and everybody  comments on the quality of his workmanship. Memory has some of her deck beams in place and I need to finish the last of the “riveting” before securing the Gunnels. I reckon I have riveted some 4000 nails into Memory’s Ribs using copper square nail and round washer. The next job is to secure the “Gunnel” with stainless steel nut and bolt. I will through bolt every third Rib, removing the rivet in place if required. I am still amazed at the quality of Memory’s hull. This hull is 100 years old and seem like it was only built yesterday.

New steel and wooden Floors

I plan to start laying the deck on Memory in September 2012 which will be of “Iroko” covered with a canvas deck as original. The original deck was pitch pine but I paln to use Iroko as it easier to get in this neck of the woods.

I have Memory’s original engine which is a “Stuart Turner” along with the shaft, propeller and fuel tank which date from 1934. I purchased a 1960 model of the same engine which had been refurbished with the idea of fitting this engine. I have also toyed with idea of using a Yanmar 1GM10 which is small enough to fit in the tight space provided.

Other jobs that have been completed are the ‘Galvanised Floors, compression post for the mast and the new fore deck hatch.

Deck beams with forehatch

Galvanised Floors

New Oak Ribs fastened with Copper Rivets



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Previous Owners

The following information was supplied by members of the Harrison Buttler Society. It give a brief breakdown of “Memorys” early owner’s


1912 built by Ernest Woods of Cantley, Norfolk for H J Suffling Esq. of Marine Parade North, Great Yarmouth.  A member of the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club and Great Yarmouth Sailing Club.

Sails by Cranfield & Carter, 300 sq. ft. Gunter Sloop Rigg.

1920’s Sold by H J Suffling in the late 1920’s to Rowland Wigg of The Thatched House, Brundall. A member of the Yare & Bure Sailing Club, Waveney Sailing Club and Little Ship Club.

1922 New sails by Cranfield & Carter.

1933 Stuart Turner petrol engine fitted.

1934 New sails by Cranfield.

1939 Rowland Wigg’s new address, Barton Turf, Neatihead, Norfolk.

Owners during the war years re-named the yacht ‘Coverley’ and ‘Memory 11’

1948 Mr Thompson, The Essex Chronicle, Chelmsford listed as owner, a member of the Blackwater Sailing Club.

1949 E W F Salmon of 23 Hampstead Hill Gardens, London. NW3 new owner, stationed ‘Memory’ at Burnham on Crouch.

1954 M R Norris of 69 Hobleythick Lane, Westcliffe on Sea, Essex new owner, stationed ‘Memory’ at Wallasea Bay.

1958 D J Garratt of Beechfields, Burton Old Road, Lichfield, Staffs, new owner, stationed ‘Memory’ at Lowestoft. Member of the Cruising Association.

1960 Lionel S Smith of High Meadow, Belaugh, Norwich, new owner, stationed ‘Memory’ at Belaugh.

1961 New sails by Jeckells, 250 sq. ft. Gunter Sloop.

1970 Final recorded Lloyds entry Lionel Smith owner.

Mr Lionel Smith’s sold memory in 1970 to a “Yorkshire man”  and in 1977 a Mr J.W. Ebleton of The Bosun’s Locker surveyed her for a Mr Philip Byrne, Churchtown Dublin in the Graving Dock, Hartlepool.

We believed memory arrived in Ireland in 1977.

1977 Philip Byrne Churchtown Dublin

1979 Advertised for sale Evening Press Dublin,  Ireland

1983 -2008 Sean Creedon, Dublin, Ireland

2008- Present day: Colum McEvoy, Dundalk Ireland.

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Random Photo’s of the Rebuild

Pre Restoration Photo\’s of Memory

Memory\’s Photo Album

Here is a link to a Picasaweb Album I have created to show off  “Memory’s” rebuild

I have uploaded some photo’s rebuild. pat and I have taken hundreds of photo’s to record memory before and after the rebuild.Here is a photo I found of memory and The Designers daughter “Mrs Joan Jardine Brown”

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The Hull Rebuild Continues.

Pat started by restoring the Stern first, removing the old wood, repairing the plank ends and the refitting the new stern. The Stern is made from Iroko which is a hard wood. We also used iroko on the Stem and Deadwood. The Oak floor was full of “Rents” which Pat repaired with a mixture of Epoxy Glue and sawdust. We believe that memory must have always leaked as the rents went all the way down to the lead keel.

The Stem Templete

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Hull restoration

Stern cut away

Stern cut away starboard side

Open Stem

The following photographs show the extensive rebuild of the stern.

Rotten Stern removed

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The Build Begins

In May I was working on my then other boat, a trapper 28, when I was introduced to a rigger who was working on a nearby boat. In the course of the conversation I mentioned I was looking for a qualified person to restore “Memory”, my 1911 Harrison Butler. He mentioned a man he knew in  Northern Ireland who restores and repairs boats. Pat  has been building and repairing boats for the last 30 years. He inspected  Memory and told me that she needed a new stem which was rotten and this had allowed the planks to pull out and the stern was equally as bad. The dead wood would have to be replaced along with the rudder. Inside the hull the story was as bad. All the floors would have to be replaced along with 64 ribs which were cracked or had turned black. The deck was nailed with steel nails which had now rusted  and expanded causing damage to the wood around it. The top plank was rotten and would need to be replaced along with the coach roof sides, cockpit bulkheads and some of the cockpit. I decided after discussing the over all cost with Pat to restore Memory back to her original condition using traditional materials and methods.

In August 2010, I shipped the boat to Pat for the work to start. Below, Photographs of the boat before the work started.Coach roof and sides

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